Adrainne Peer Review Checklist Assignment

  1. In what ways did the Peer Review Checklist help you to uncover areas of weakness or strength in your course?

I can see that I need to be more student friendly.  I could provide more detail for students as to what to do but my course has synchronous components which are recorded that provides a lot of information.  I also have a lot of information in my syllabus that could be put in Blackboard.


  1. Would you use this rubric on other courses?

I would use this rubric on all of my courses.


  1. Recommend it to other faculty? Why or why not?

I would recommend it to faculty because ultimately, it will save faculty a lot of work in the long run.  When a course is well designed there is less opportunity for student confusion and more opportunity for student engagement and success..


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Become a PowerPoint Rock Star!

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Tips For Sharing Google Drive Docs With Students

A few tips you need to know when sharing…

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Daily new Apps, best hot deals & free Apps

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Resources for Your Students!

Tips for Student Success blog!

This blog provides short tutorials that support student learning and address specific college-level concepts or skills. When we find resources developed by other universities we think may benefit students, we post them as well. Please pass this blog on to your students and suggest they sign up. You can too!

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Technology Integration – Don’t Make These Mistakes

6 Mistakes You Might Be Making with Technology Integration

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Engaging Your Learners


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